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17 Essential Tips to Driving This Summer

With the holiday season upon us, many of will be jumping in your cars for that day trip out or holiday with the family. While we can’t do anything about the British weather, traffic delays or the incessant “are we there yet?”, we can give you 17 Essential Tip to Driving this Summer to keep […]

Microchipping Your Dog

Compulsory microchipping of man’s best friend came into effect on the 6th April 2016. Lost or stolen dogs will now be more readily reunited with their owners under new microchipping laws brought in to improve dog welfare. The new measures are intended to cut the rise in strays, encouraging owners to take responsibility of their […]

Driving in France

More people visit France each year than any other European country and as the holiday period approaches, many will jump in their cars and take a relatively quick and inexpensive trip across to France via the Euro Tunnel or ferry. We’ve put together this article of driving in France to remind you of the differences […]