Automatic Acquisition for Christmas presents, other gifts and new items

If you have been lucky enough to acquire any new and exciting items over the festive period you may need to re-evaluate your Contents and Valuables insurance to ensure that you have enough cover to include your new items.

Anything from an item of jewellery, fine art, luxurious coat or designer handbag, sports equipment or even new audio and/or visual equipment or furniture purchased in the sales will increase the value of your Contents and Valuables.

Brownhill Insurance Group’s panel of specialist high value home insurers offer additional short-term cover for new acquisitions to help ensure our clients are protected for the interim until the insurer is informed about the new purchase. For example, insurance cover could be available for up to 60 days from the date of acquisition for up to 25% of the relevant sum insured (conditional on the insurer being notified within a 60-day period and an additional premium being paid). This kind of cover is particularly useful at Christmas, for weddings, civil ceremonies, anniversaries, Valentine’s, birthdays or other celebrations.

Even if you have not bought or received anything of significant value recently, it may be worth considering a review of your Contents and Valuables if these have not been evaluated recently. Some of our insurers can even offer free appraisal and valuation services, depending on sums insured.

Brownhill Insurance Group will help you find the best policy for you personally. Contact us to discuss your home and contents – We will be pleased to help you avoid ‘underinsurance’.

Download our easy-to-use Household Contents Valuation Calculator or Art Collection Calculator.