Threats to Heritage Properties – Guidance, Advice and Support

Summer is here and as more visitors are being welcomed at heritage properties, there is an increased risk of malicious damage and theft.
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Summer Precautions

Around 300,000 people attend A&E departments each year following a garden accident.
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Your Home – Our Work

Whether your home is unoccupied over the summer, has irregular occupancy or non-standard occupation, Brownhill Insurance Group is here to assist.

Perhaps it is in a flood area, is underpinned or needs special attention. Whatever home you live in or own – be it a new-build urban home, a barge or a thatched cottage – there is no need to stress about finding insurance cover. Let us do the hard work for you. Read more

Residential Properties

Is your property protected?
Whether you are a private home owner or owner of a commercial, residential property, Brownhill Insurance Group would like to provide you with guidance on managing risks such as:

Property Maintenance
Electrical Safety
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Securing your Garden

By making simple changes in your garden, for example, securing fences and gates and by locking away tools and equipment you can prevent an intruder from accessing your home. Here are some tips, which will help you secure your garden. Read More..

courtesy of The Metropolitan Police Service

Securing your Flat

Burglars will often target blocks of flats because they can easily gain access to them through a communal entrance, which may have poor access control. Once inside they will often go straight to the top floor flats first, as there is less likelihood of passers by seeing them whilst they break in.

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