The deadline for spending your old £1 coins has passed – or has it?

With banks and Post Offices only accepting the old style coins as deposits from their own customers what can you do if you suddenly come across the odd one whilst hoovering down the back of the sofa or at the bottom of an old handbag?

Well there is some good news, why not spend the odd coin in the following ways;

Pop in to Aldi, Iceland or Poundland

Aldi and Iceland will continue to accept the old £1 coins until 30th October and Poundland until the 31st.

Lidl’s trolleys can accept both old and new coins.

Give to charity

As part of the #poppypound campaign, The Royal British Legion poppy sellers will accept donations of the out of date coins up until Remembrance Sunday on the 12th November 2017.

Almost any charity will continue to accept them as donations.

With an estimated £500m coins still in circulation, The Federation of Small Businesses is advising its 170,000 members to continue to accept the coinage for a while longer.

There were 24 different £1 coin designs in circulation so before you get rid of those unloved coins, check that you haven’t got a rare one. Many can be worth more than their face value. Coins from the “Capital Cities of the UK” are selling on eBay for anywhere between £20 and £40 each.