Do you know the current value of your engagement ring?

Do you have engagement ring insurance?

At Brownhill Insurance Group we strongly recommend reviewing whether you need more from your insurance than your current cover can offer, as you may be surprised at the rise in value of your extra precious items.

Did you know?

Many individuals regularly underestimate their sums insured by at least 40%.

Over the last 10 years the price of gold and silver has increased by around 300%.

Being underinsured is a common problem for jewellery items that gain value over the years, or can be vulnerable to market fluctuations. Gold, silver, diamonds and wristwatches are key examples.

To be safe, you’re better off organising a valuation with a certified jeweller every three to four years. Likewise, don’t forget to include items you’ve been gifted that accumulate over your policy period through birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

There is no use in making guesses regarding the cost to replace items because underinsurance will rear its ugly head once again and you will be left paying more money to cover the remaining costs.

If you think you may be underinsured then please talk to us, we can help you make sure that your insurance policy accurately reflects the value of your home and its contents, we can happily offer advice and will be able to recommend the steps you need to take if you find you are underinsured for any of the policies you have taken out with us.

The Brownhill Insurance Group Difference

Brownhill Insurance Group can give you the best of both worlds — we pride ourselves on our personal touch and market expertise combined with many distinctive products and an exceptional, professional service.

We offers a comprehensive selection of covers, with dedicated and highly experienced Client Managers capable of assisting you with your personal requirements.

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