Hearing Aids: Do you have the correct insurance cover?

We can only provide hearing aid insurance along with a household insurance policy. We cannot offer standalone hearing aid insurance at this time.

Hearing Aid Insurance – Do You Have The Correct Insurance Cover?

Over two million Britons now wear hearing aids. Another four million are thought to benefit from them if they were to have them fitted.

With hearing aids becoming smaller as the technology advances, and therefore more expensive, it is important that users ensure they are correctly insured.

Given their size and continuous use, there is a chance that your hearing aid could get damaged or lost. Not having the correct insurance cover in place for your device, could leave you with a huge replacement bill, or worse, leave you without an aid at all.

Privately, you could expect to pay up to £2,500 for a hearing aid, whilst a top of the range digital hearing aid could cost upwards of £6,000 (per pair).

Unfortunately no matter the cost of your device, it is likely that your hearing aid will not be insured on a typical contents insurance policy. The good news is that with Brownhill Insurance Group, your hearing aid(s) can be specified on your policy from as little as £40 extra a year.

It is important that you tell your broker of your need to insure your hearing aid. To discuss your requirements, give us a call on 020 8658 4334.