A white wall with a CCTV camera in the top left facing slightly downward towards the bottom right corner of the image

Home CCTV – Do You Know The Law?

If you protect your property by using Close Circuit Television (CCTV), it is important to know that the UK Information Commissioner (ICO) has ruled that household CCTV systems that film beyond the boundary of the property – such as the street or onto a neighbouring property, must now be registered.

Using CCTV or associated recording equipment on your own property will be exempt from the Data Protection Act, unless you are recording images or taking footage which falls outside the boundaries of your property.

The ICO recommends that you use your CCTV equipment in a responsible way, such as not pointing the camera directly into your neighbours house or property. You need to respect and protect the privacy of others, otherwise you could be liable for prosecution under the Data protection Act.

If you are considering installing a CCTV camera to protect your home you may wish to consider the following:

  • Are you able to put up signs showing that CCTV is in operation?
  • Is it necessary for your camera to show images beyond the boundaries of your home?
  • Make sure the equipment won’t be misused or misinterpreted
  • You should be able to speak to your neighbours; make sure they are okay with it should the imagery fall on their land
  • Are you ok with having to register your CCTV and pay a premium to do so
  • Are you willing to share images with the police should they ask for them
  • If you have CCTV remember that anyone seen on this footage or footage of their property can request a copy of your footage under the Data Protection Act

CCTV is becoming more and more common among home owners. Before you start your own CCTV installation, make sure you know your rights and the rights of others.

To register your CCTV go to: www.ico.org.uk/registration/cctv

The registration takes around 10 minutes to complete and there will be a charge involved, so remember to have your debit or credit card handy.