Products Recalls. Pictured Samsung S5 phone laying screen down of a surface

Product Recalls: From Tumble Dryers to Smartphones

First it was tumble dryers and now mobile phones are bursting into flames.

Following the problems with certain models of Whirlpool tumble dryers earlier in the year, you will have seen the news headlines that Samsung have issued a product recall on their Galaxy Note 7. This is due to reports of devices exploding or bursting into flames because of an issue with overheating batteries.

On October 10 2016 Samsung took the decision to stop sales and shipments of Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Everyone with a Galaxy Note 7 has been asked to stop using their device and to replace it for another device in the Galaxy lineup.

Samsung is reminding their customers that the Note 7 is the only affected device in their range of smart phones. It was reported last week that the recall has caused the division’s operating profit to drop by nearly 98%.

Not a good time for Samsung at the moment as they have just announced a voluntary recall of washing machines in the U.S. over injury reports.

Read Samsungs consumer guidance for the Galaxy Note 7 here.

Info on switching your device here.

(Pictured above: Samsung S5)