New TV Licensing Laws. Old fashioned television standing on four legs against a white wall. Television is turned off.

New TV Licensing Laws

The way we pay for watching TV changed on the 1st of September 2016.

New TV licensing laws have come into force, with changes affecting those that watch programmes on BBC iPlayer.

Previously, you only had to have a TV licence if you watched live BBC broadcasts. The new rules put in place closed a loophole, so whether it is on the TV, computer or mobile device, if you watch catch up, on demand or live TV on BBC iPlayer you will need a TV licence. (This does not apply if you only listen to radio broadcasts or watch programmes purchased from the BBC store on iPlayer or watch BBC programmes on a third party channel such as Netflix).

Whilst having a TV licence at your main residence also covers you for mobile devices, you need to be aware that if you watch iPlayer at another address whilst plugged in to the mains, the home/business owner, educational facility etc. will require a TV licence or face a fine up to £1,000.

For further information including the cost of a TV licence, concessions etc. go to: