Number Plate Theft

Vehicle number plate theft is a national problem and has more than doubled in the last 5 years. This is due in part to an increase in speed cameras, a rise in petrol costs, toll and congestion zone charges.

Both vehicle registration and proof of identity are required to obtain number plates. Without these, thieves resort to stealing number plates from vehicles.

With CCTV and ANPR cameras in force, offenders use it as a way to engage in criminal activity whilst avoiding detection.

Plates from all makes and models are taken from vehicles in remote or dimly lit locations.

How to protect your plates:

• If you can, park your car in a garage overnight.
• If you have to park on the street, park in busy well-lit area
• Always use safe, well-lit public car parks
• Consider using tamper proof screws. Fitted using a screwdriver but can’t be undone using normal tools.
• Consider using theft-resistant number plates. They may cost a little more but are designed to resist known attack methods. They break apart if someone tries to remove them by force.
• Report stolen number plates straight away. Otherwise you might start receiving parking fines, speeding fines or worse!

If you see a car with a number plate missing or with different plates front and back:
Report it on 101; the police non-emergency number.