When Online Car Insurance just won’t Cut the Mustard

The Insurance giant AIG share with us a hair-raising story about a client who crashed his prized Ferrari Enzo causing over £300,000 in damage.

Only 400 Ferrari Enzos were ever made so, appreciating how rare the car was, AIG transported it to the Ferrari manufacturing plant in Maranello to be repaired by the people who originally built it.

AIG also flew the client out to the repair shop to view the repairs before completion to ensure that the client was happy with the work before transporting the car back to the United Kingdom.The client was very happy and the value of the vehicle was protected.

Motor insurance cover is a very competitive business. However, for many of our clients, the prime motivation for purchase is quality of cover and service as opposed to cost, whether they are owners of a Classic and High Peformance Vehicle or not. We will work very hard to get you the best quote for the widest cover available in the market.

Story courtesy of AIG – Featured in Issue 1 of BIG Magazine