Public Liability Insurance

Introducing our incredibly versatile public liability insurance (PL) package, meticulously crafted to offer comprehensive protection against compensation claims and legal expenses arising from injury or property damage caused to individuals who are not your employees.

What’s included in our PL cover?

Our public liability insurance is specifically tailored to safeguard your business against claims filed by third parties in connection with injury or property damage caused by your operations. Rest easy knowing that our coverage is expertly designed to protect your business interests in such situations.

In the event that a claim is brought against you, our public liability insurance offers comprehensive coverage for all legal expenses and compensation costs incurred.

You can select from a range of public liability cover options tailored to your specific needs.  Standard limits are usually £2m or £5m, but with courts increasing awards, we are able to tailor higher limits up to £100m. We strive to provide seamless customisation, ensuring that you have the ideal level of coverage for your business operations.

This includes costs related to court appearances, defence fees, and other necessary expenditures. With our policy, you can have peace of mind knowing your financial obligations in such situations will be taken care of.

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Our personal approach to insurance ensures we find you the most suitable insurance cover for your needs.

No two businesses have the same risk exposures. Our team has the necessary experience to assist your business.

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