Safety advice during Fire Strikes planned for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

Whilst any strike action does not in itself increase the risk of a fire starting, people can `Be Safer…Be Slower…Be Vigilant’ to help reduce emergencies by completing the following simple tasks:


  • Take extra care when you are cooking or smoking
  • Always dial 999 in a genuine emergency. The Fire Service may prioritise calls
  • Smoke alarms – Make sure you’ve got one and check it works
  • Know what to do in the event of a fire – get out, stay out and dial 999
  • Share fire safety – Talk to friends and family and share this advice


  • Reviewing fire risk assessments to ensure one is in place and is current
  • Ensuring that routine fire safety management takes place – particularly around fire alarms, firefighting equipment and staff training
  • Considering whether any ignition sources could be removed – if not, then considering whether any ignition sources could be moved away from potential fuel for a fire, even for a temporary period to reduce the risk
  • Looking at suitable extra precautions, such as delaying any “hot work” done on the premises during times of FBU industrial action
  • Where hot works are unavoidable during periods of strike action, ensure work is closely monitored throughout and adequate fire extinguishment facilities are in place

Road users

  • Thinking about and planning journeys before setting off, allowing plenty of time and being considerate to other road users
  • Carrying out regular checks on vehicles before setting off on journeys (tyre pressure and tread, oil and water levels, make sure lights are working)
  • Reducing speed and giving enough time to react – you never know what’s around the corner
  • Driving according to the road conditions, particularly if wet, and maintaining safe distances between vehicles at all times
  • Paying careful attention to road safety signs and warnings on motorway gantries etc
  • Never using mobile phones when driving
  • Not drinking and driving

Content courtesy of Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service