Police car with police tape in the foreground stating 'Police line do not cross'

The Invisible Property Protection System

Not to be confused with the drink, Smartwater is an innovative forensic marking system used to mark property in an attempt to reduce burglaries.

Invented in 1993 by Phil Cleary; a former West Midlands police officer and his brother Mike Cleary; a chartered chemist operating out of their garage, they have grown to an internationally recognised multi-million-pound business with over 50 employees with offices in Europe, North and South America.

This invisible, inorganic, non-hazardous solution contains a unique forensic code that is viewed under UV light and is virtually impossible to remove and is either painted or sprayed on.

Smartwater is currently being trialled in homes throughout the UK with a number of residents in higher risk areas being given a kit for free. Smartwater can safely be used on any surface whether it is personal belongings, business equipment, art, cultural antiquities, war memorials and even casino chips and cash machines.

With millions of combinations available, the same code is never repeated or manufactured twice. The code along with details of the item and personal contact information is kept at Smartwater offices on an offline secure database.

Just a drop the size of a speck of dust can be analysed and used to trace items, reunite property with the owners and link suspects to crime scenes up to 5 years after application.

Used in connection with warning notices, SmartWater is a proven deterrent against criminals.

Why shouldn’t I use a UV pen?

It essentially does the same thing doesn’t it I hear you ask, unfortunately, there are drawbacks to using a UV pen, firstly they can only be used if there is a large enough surface on which to write your name & postcode, secondly there is nothing stopping a thief from just crossing out your details with another UV pen!

For further information: www.smartwater.com