Stay Safe This Bonfire Night. Silhouette of a small boy watching a colourful bonfire

Stay Safe This Bonfire Night

With Halloween now behind us and Bonfire night just around the corner we would like to share some essential tips on staying safe this Guy Fawkes Night. Whether you’re throwing your own bonfire & fireworks party or going to a planned display; be sure to stay safe.

Having a party?

If you’re planning on throwing a party this autumn make sure to have a safe designated space for your bonfire and setting off your fireworks. Too many Bonfire Night related accidents occur each year, often caused by carelessness and lack of concentration. Ensure they are set a reasonable distance away from your house, trees and any other obstructions that could be set alight. This also goes for your guests. Ensure the safety of your guests by remaining in a safe area, possibly even indoors. The recommended standing distance from your fireworks is 5-8 metres.

If you are unsure of an unlit firework, do not return to it. It could go off unexpectedly and seriously injure you and others around you.  For more information on firework safety click here.

When lighting a bonfire be sensible not to use combustible items such as petrol, lighter fluid and gas canisters as these can cause a lot of harm not only to you but the environment.

Out and About

Firework displays make for a magical evening with fun fair rides, food stalls, sparklers and the fireworks themselves. To make sure you have the most enjoyable night possible bare these things in mind.

At these big events it is often that theft happens. Make sure you’re not a victim of this crime by ensuring your belongings are close to you at all times, don’t leave anything laying around. If possible use a bag with a zip to hold your items. Inside pockets in jackets are also great for keeping your possessions secure. If possible it is always best to leave your valuables at home or in a safe place.

Firework and bonfire events are often very popular and can get busy. Keep your family close and informed of your whereabouts and ensure you have a meeting point in case you get separated. It is often the case at big events for mobile phone networks to go down so having a meeting place is a good idea.

It also helps to leave extra time for your journey to and from the display. Stay safe on and around roads by carrying a torch. Be visible and stay in well lit areas.

First Aid

It is always useful to familiarise yourself with first aid measures in case of an emergency. Click here to visit the British Red Cross’s website for guidance.


Reporting Crime

If you see anything suspicious either seek help from a warden or security guard, and in more serious cases, call the police. Do not attempt to deal with crimes yourself. Your safety is first.

Here at Brownhill Insurance Group we wish you the safest of bonfire nights. With all this in mind, don’t forget to enjoy yourselves this time of year!