The Summer BBQ – Top tips to Staying Safe

During the short British summer, we all enjoy nothing more than gathering friends and family for a joyful weekend afternoon barbecue. Proving our cooking skills in the garden earns us a certain type of credibility amongst guests that cannot be garnered elsewhere.

First we venture to the supermarket for the food where we always buy too much. Next comes the marinating of the meats, dicing of the vegetables and ensuring there are enough napkins leftover from the last barbecue. Then finally, after all the preparation, the guests arrive, we throw on the apron, ignite the coals and away we go!

This same scenario will unfold millions of times this summer across Britain, each time a different experience and most times without a hitch. But unfortunately sometimes things won’t go to plan. Across 2013 and 2014 there were over 100,000 outdoor fires that required the call out of the fire brigade. Although not all of these were a result of barbecues, it is important to remember the risks that our summer cooking fun can bring.

Here are our top tips to staying safe this Summer with your BBQ:

  • Keep your barbecues away from flammable garden furniture such as wooden or plastic chairs,
  • Move your barbecue away from sheds, fences, overhanging branches and foliage,
  • Never leave a barbecue unattended,
  • Never let children too close to the barbecue,
  • Use only recognised firelighters or starter fuels on charcoal barbecues,
  • If you’re a gas barbecue user, ensure the tap is off before changing the cylinder.