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Medical Health – Is It Time to Go Private?

The National Health Service has historically been known as the best in the world for providing efficient healthcare and care provision.

However with our growing and ageing population and with finite resources the NHS struggles to provide healthcare to meet demand, with ever increasing waiting lists.

Unfortunately each day there are increasing stories in the news about the lack of resource in the NHS, such as:

• A lack of nursing staff
• Junior doctors and their working hours
• The closure of services, departments and even hospitals
• Cancellation of appointments and procedures due to Flu and Norvo virus
• An expected future shortage of GPs

Subsequently, we have found that many of our clients are turning to private medical insurance for more certainty around their healthcare should they become ill.

Private Medical insurance is designed to cover the cost of private treatment for short term curable injuries, long term illness and with some insurers even includes palliative care. It helps to get you back on your feet as soon as possible, through early diagnosis and prompt access to medical treatment.

So is Private Medical Insurance right for you?


• Peace of mind for you and your family
• Puts you in control with more choice
• Immediate access to private medical care
• Private rooms, not wards or even mixed wards
• Drugs or treatment that may not be available on NHS
• Rewards to stay fit and healthy


• The cost, it is after all in addition to our tax.
• Some chronic illnesses are not covered
• Existing conditions may not be covered

Brownhill Insurance Group is able to offer Private Medical Insurance for individuals or families. We can provide cover with various insurers who offer comprehensive “core” cover with flexible “additional cover” options.

Market Innovation – Vitality:

We all know that staying healthy is important. Vitality, who are one of our key partners, not only protect you when things go wrong but help you lead a healthier lifestyle by encouraging you to be more active, to eat well and develop healthy habits.

Vitality has established partnerships to offer policyholders rewards such as weekly cinema tickets, discounts gym memberships, slimming clubs, spa resorts, food & drink, sports clothing amongst others to help keep you on track and motivated!

If you already have coverage we can do an analysis for you to see if a better product is available and can also make comment in respect of your price. Savings can sometimes be made by switching to a new provider and we can guide you through the process.

Call us today on 0208 353 8966 to discuss how we can help you choose the right policy for your family.