Valuing Your Rolex

Rolex have a relatively small range of watches but each range has a variety of different versions mostly changes in material and slight changes in size. For price comparison purposes I have chosen their most basic gentleman’s steel bracelet watch, one of their most popular sports watches and one of their 18 carat gold top sellers. Each of these three have been produced for over 15 years with only small detail changes so plotting their price increase is relatively straight forward.

All Rolex watches are made entirely ‘in house’ and are priced in Swiss francs so the retail prices around the world are liable to currency fluctuations – 20 years ago, if a Rolex agent was discovered offering discounts – he would lose the agency but that restriction has largely disappeared in today’s market.

The cost of materials, especially precious metals, has an enormous effect on retail prices – hence the nearly 100% increase in price of the gold Daytona watch between 2005 and 2010 when the ‘spike’ in gold price really hit, but all Rolex watches are hand assembled and Swiss skilled watchmaker’s time is very expensive.

Gentleman’s steel Oyster perpetual bracelet watch ref 116000

£1,970 in around 2000
£2,340 in around 2005
£3,430 in around 2010
£3,750 in around 2016

Gentleman’s steel Oyster perpetual Submariner bracelet watch ref 14060

£1,450 in around 2000
£1,970 in around 2005
£3,650 in around 2010
£5,000 in around 2016

Gentleman’s 18 carat yellow gold Oyster Cosmograph Daytona bracelet watch ref.116528

£10,500 in around 2000
£13,370 in around 2005
£23,060 in around 2010
£25,100 in around 2016

Some early steel Daytona watches from the 1960’s are selling for £25,000-30,000 and the very sought after.

Paul Newman Daytonas are in the £50,000-65,000 range, and in general it’s the Rolex sports watches rather than the gem set gold and platinum watches that hold their value more strongly but to gain any ‘Vintage’ watch value a Rolex should date from about the 1970’s and earlier.

James Lowe, Jewellery and Watch specialist at Doerr Valuations.

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