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We at Brownhill Insurance Group understand the risks you face as a hotelier. The Hotel Industry in the United Kingdom isn’t that straight forward. There are many different factors that influence the occupancy of a Hotel, including:

  • Events in the local area
  • Unpredictable weather
  • Strength of the economy
  • Discounted holidays abroad.
  • Despite everything you do, a degree of uncertainty remains and the industry can be challenging.

You should protect your business by having adequate hotel insurance cover in place.

Tailor Made Cover
We take the time to understand your requirements and tailor your hotel insurance policy to your needs, creating a policy that is bespoke to you.

Standard Covers Available

Material Damage

Buildings Cover
Covers the hotel, outbuildings, gates, fences and boundary walls.

Tenants Improvements
Tenants improvements to a property paid for by the policy holder. This can include redecoration, extensions, and structural alterations.

Contents Cover
Covers items within the premises such as furnishings, furniture, equipment and machinery in the event of loss or damage.

Stock Cover
Provides cover for stock in trade, wines, spirits and tobacco in the event of loss or damage.

Business interruption insurance provides cover for “consequential losses”. Cover will only ever engage where a valid claim arises under the material damage sections of the policy.

A consequential loss generally will be the reduction in turnover or Gross profits caused by the insured event.

  • Gross Profits
  • Loss of gross income
  • Increased and / or additional cost of working
  • Loss of rental income

This section provides cover for goods in transit such as items bought at a cash & carry.

  • Money cover is provided to protect business money at the premises.
  • Personal Accident is an extension / additional coverage in adjunct to money cover.

It provides a lump sum payment to a staff member taking money to a bank who is assaulted. A weekly benefit is usually also payable if the staff member is off of work as a consequence of the assault.

Employers Liability is a legal requirement if you have any employees.

Provides coverage against

  • Legal Liability for injury caused to third parties
  • Third party property damage
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Our personal approach to insurance ensures we find you the most suitable insurance cover for your needs.

No two businesses have the same risk exposures. Our team has the necessary experience to assist your business.

Our Love Art team understand the needs of art professionals and collectors as art lovers themselves.

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