How does your insurance policy work during lockdown?

During this unprecedented time most businesses are having to adapt, large numbers of workers will be working remotely and others will be placed on furlough. This presents a unique situation and one which companies need to ensure they have the necessary insurance in place to protect their and their staffs’ interests.

Many insurers are relaxing their policy requirements to accommodate new working practices and the following are examples of where changes are likely to happen:

  • Company owned equipment taken home by employees
  • Employers liability remains in focus and companies need to ensure that while their staff are working remotely they have a safe and suitable environment to work in
  • Staff who have been placed on furlough and continue to have use of a company vehicle need to ensure that their motor insurance provides social domestic and pleasure use
  • If any business trips were booked prior to the outbreak of Coronavirus do you have travel insurance to reclaim your costs
  • Are staff who continue to work at their usual business premises being provided with the necessary advice and any relevant personal protective equipment
    At Brownhill Insurance Group we understand that every policy is different. To ensure you remain fully protected during these unusual times please contact us. We can then ensure that your policies will provide the necessary protection you need.

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