Your Renewal Guide

As a valued Private client we’ve prepared a simple guide to assist you in renewing your policy with confidence.

The first step is to review your contents cover, so we have created a contents calculator to help you assess the value of your treasured possessions, room by room.

Contents valuation calculator

Protecting your assets and ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage is paramount. Our Contents Valuation Calculator provides an intuitive and convenient way to assess the value of your home’s contents, helping you make informed decisions about your insurance coverage.

Rebuild Cost Assessment

The second step is to ensure you have a reliable ‘rebuild cost’, which is the amount you should always insure your home for. But when it comes to insuring your property, something called the Average Clause can easily catch you out.

If the amount you insure your property for is too low, then the Average Clause can significantly reduce how much you can claim. If you insure too high, you end up paying your insurer too much.

Fine Art & Jewellery

Next, if you have fine art and jewellery it’s crucial to revisit their appraisals regularly. Art pieces may appreciate over time, and the value of gemstones can fluctuate. To ensure your coverage accurately reflects the worth of these treasures, engage with experts who specialise in valuations.

Brownhill’s network of trusted appraisers can assist you in determining the precise value of your art and jewellery, helping you secure the right insurance protection.

Important Changes

Property Alterations and Additions: Keep Us in the Loop

If you’ve made any changes to your property, whether it’s a newly renovated kitchen or an added extension, it’s crucial to let us know. These alterations can impact the overall value and risk profile of your home. Ensure your rebuild cost estimate is up-to-date, considering any improvements you’ve made. Moreover, if you’ve purchased a new property, please notify us well in advance. It’s essential to assess the property’s flood and subsidence risk and secure coverage promptly. Don’t leave it to the last minute; we’re here to streamline the process.

Changes in Occupancy and Security: Stay Secure

Your property’s security and occupancy details matter. If you’ve upgraded or downgraded your security system, please inform us. These changes can affect your insurance requirements and premium rates. Similarly, if your occupancy status has changed, such as renting out your property, we need to tailor your coverage accordingly. Clear communication about these updates ensures that you have the right protection in place.


Explore Multiple Property Coverage: Unlock More Benefits

Do you own multiple properties? Let’s explore comprehensive coverage options for each one. Our team can assess your property portfolio to ensure you’re maximising your protection and minimising risks. Whether it’s a second home, a holiday property, or an investment, we’re here to provide tailored solutions that fit your unique needs. Don’t miss out on the benefits of consolidating your properties under our guidance.

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