Simply steps to sustainability

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are an important part of planning for the future of any business. But knowing where to start, or how to gain and retain momentum, can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we, at Brownhill Insurance Group, are sharing expert tips produced in partnership with Aviva and Enterprise Nation. 

 1. Write down what positive impact you’d like to make 

For example, “to improve diversity” or “address social mobility within the industry”. That positive impact statement will help you set an overall direction for the business. 

 2. Decide how you’ll measure progress 

It may be useful to track energy use per employee or the percentage of managers from underrepresented groups, for example. Ratio measures tend to be more useful for setting short, medium and long-term goals. 

 3. Encourage better travel habits 

You could carry out a travel-to-work survey and, based on your results, consider actions such as changing start and finish times, investing in car charging points or providing changing and shower facilities. 

 4. Provide support for a community cause 

Ask what they would benefit most from – skills and time can be just as valuable as financial support. For example, a marketing agency could provide copywriting time to create newsletters and fundraising materials. 

 5. Be more transparent 

Commit to being transparent about how your business is run and willing to improve. Acknowledge the importance of governance and focus on, for example, developing a robust code of ethics, or sharing financial results internally, more regularly. 

To help you get started, visit the Plan it with Purpose hub which offers free educational support, online events, resources on a range of sustainability issues and a free ESG diagnostics tool.